The whole point of the Sea Horse Dive Club is to promote and encourage the enjoyment of diving by our members, so we sponsor many different activities during the year, such as: local dives, monthly club meetings, club trips to regional dive destinations, dive travel excursions to exotic (usually warm) destinations. Diving, after all is a social sport, and these events help you meet new dive buddies.

We encourage everybody to come out and participate. Many of these events are free, and everybody is welcome, members and non-members alike. If there's an event you think we should have that you think would be fun, let us know! We're always looking for new ideas.

Club Meetings

In the summer we hold our monthly meetings outside, combined with a fun dive at a local dive spot. When the skies turn dark and the weather turns cold, the SeaHorses head indoors to get together at meetings featuring guest speakers and interesting presentations.  Watch the News for information on upcoming meetings and speakers.

Randy Glenn Memorial Photo and Art Contest

The Randy Glenn Memorial Photo and Art Contest is held every October and celebrates the creativity of our club members. There are lots of categories in which to compete. You don't even need an underwater camera; there are categories for above water photos as well.  There are swell prizes for the winners.  Check out the contest page for details on the categories and rules.

Local Dives

Club members lead many dives to local dive spots. There is a club dive nearly every week. In the summer, our club meetings are fun dives at a local dive spots.  In the Fall, we have our annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest with our Friends the Marker Buoys, at Alki.

Watch the Calendar and News for notice of upcoming club diving opportunities. To really keep up on club dives, join the Club Face Book page at:

Regional Dives

Every year the club sponsors outings to regional dive spots such as Sund Rock Preserve (Hood Canal) and Reid Harbor in the San Juans. These trips are usually 1 to 3 day affairs with good diving and potlucks.

Dive Travel 

Nearly every year the club will travel to some warm locale for warm water, sunshine, and visibility greater than 10 feet. Often that trip is to Cozumel Mexico, but we've gone other places as well.