Air is of vital importance to divers (obviously).  To help our members fulfill their need for air, and air related services, the club operates its own compressor and has trained technicians who can perform visual cylinder inspection (VCI) on your tanks, at reduced rates for club members, so you can fill them.  SeaHorse Club VCIs are recognized at nearly all area dive shops.

Air Cards for Dive Leaders

Want free air? Lead a club dive!

Yes, it's really that easy. The Dive Leaders Air Card program rewards club members who organize club dives with a 5 fill air card from a local dive shop. Here's what you do:
  1. Advertise your dive at least 4 days in advance on our Facebook Group.
  2. Do the dive. If at least 4 club members participate, you're almost there.
  3. Write up a dive report and post in on our Facebook Group.
Congratulations! You've earned your air card. If you have questions, or want to claim your air card, contact


The club currently operates one compressor. It is located in Lynnwood.  The club does not provide enriched air (EANx, NITROX). The club compressor is currently unavailable for fills but should be up and running soon (by the end of May 2017).

VCI (Visual Cylinder Inspection)

SCUBA cylinders require annual VCI, or dive shops won't fill them. Our compressors are no different. You must have a current VCI sticker from the Sea Horse Dive Club to fill your tanks at our compressor. NO EXCEPTIONS! SeaHorse VCI's are accepted at nearly all area dive shops.

The cost for VCIs is $10 per cylinder, a bargain when you consider local shops charge $20 or $30 per cylinder.

How To Schedule a Fill or VCI

To get a fill at the club compressor, contact one of our Compressor Committee members and schedule a time. Simply send a note to and someone will get back to you.  Same for scheduling a VCI; send a note to and they will arrange an inspection.

Compressor FAQ - Answers to all of your burning questions about the compressor...

Hydrostatic Testing

Your tanks also need hydrostatic testing, generally once every 5 years (depending on the cylinder type).  Your tank must have a valid hydro stamp or we will not do a visual inspection on it.  The club does not do hydrostatic testing.  You can take your tanks to a local dive store to be sent out for testing, or you can go direct to a vendor like Fire King of Seattle (near the Development Center).

Please remember when dealing with our compressor staff, they are all volunteers taking their own time to help their fellow club members.  So please be courteous and realize that they have to abide by the rules, and make sure you're a current member and have a valid VCI before asking us to fill your tanks.