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Club Compressor FAQ

 Q:  Does the club have a compressor where I can get my tanks filled?
 A:  Yes we do, it is located in Lynnwood.
 Q:  What do I need to get a tank filled?
 A:  First you must be a SeaHorse Dive Club Member and the tank you are filling must have a SeaHorse Dive Club VCI (Visual Cylinder Inspection) sticker on it.
 Q:   How do I get a SeaHorse VCI?
 A:   Most of our compressor committee members are PSI certified and can inspect your tank.
 Q:  How much will it cost me to get an inspection?
 A:  $10 per tank for a visual inspection, which is good for one year.
Note: we don't service valves.  Your local dive shop has technicians that can service your tank valves.
 Q:  How much does it cost to fill my tank?
 A:  Nothing, $0.00, gratis, free...  You get free fills with your membership and SeaHorse VCI.
 Q:  Can I get EAN (i.e. Nitrox)?
 A:  No, we can't fill anything except refreshing Pacific Northwest compressed air.
 Q:  How do I get the VCI and/or air fills?
 A:  You will need to do a little planning ahead. In most cases we will not be able to fill the tanks without scheduling in advance. The compressor is at a member’s house and we have to work with his schedule to perform fills. In many cases that means later in the afternoon. The easiest way is to drop your tanks off with one of the Compressor Committee members.  For fills and/or VCI, start by contacting the Compressor Committee by sending an e-mail to