This is the place you can come for help on various topics that relate to the website and content.  If you have a question and it isn't addressed here, or what's here still leaves you puzzled, please feel free to contact your friendly neighborhood webmaster at

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why did we switch hosting services?  The other site was fine.

Our previous website was built on a paid SharePoint service, which provided a bunch of very handy interactive services like access control, a Club Calendar, News, Photo Sharing, etc., but also came with a monthly charge.  For the services we use the most, free hosting platforms have caught up, so to save some money and take advantage of some cool features we've move to a free site hosted by Google.

What is a Google ID, and why do I need one?

Since our site is hosted by Google, access control is done through your Google services account.  Your Google ID is the email address that is associated with your Google account.  So if you have Gmail or use Google Calendar or Google+ or you post stuff to YouTube, you already have a Google account.

You don't need a Google ID to view most content, but if you want to post a news report to the website or add a calendar event or see one of the restricted pages, you'll need to Sign In to the site with your Google ID.

Can you reset my Google password?

No.  Google has tools to help you if you forget your password, but I don't have any special Google superpowers so you're on your own there.  There is one exception, if you have a special domain account like <name>, I can reset those.

How do I submit a picture to the SeaHorse Dive Club Photo Gallery?

Our photo sharing is done through Google Picasa Web Albums, which allows us to upload photos to our gallery via e-mail.  Check out our Photography page for details.

How do I submit an event for the Club Calendar?

How do I submit a news item or dive report?