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Books Available:

ID Title Media Description
1 The Travelin' Diver's Chapbook 2007 Book A compendium of unexpurgated opinion, criticism and commendation of the world's dive resorts and liveaboard boats...
2 The Travelin' Diver's Chapbook 2006 Book
3 The Travelin Diver's Chapbook 2005 Book
4 The Travelin' Diver's Chapbook 2004 Book
5 The Travelin' Diver's Chapbook 2003 Book
6 The Travelin' Diver's Chapbook 2002 Book
7 The Travelin' Diver's Chapbook 2001 Book
8 The Travelin' Diver's Chapbook 2000 Book
12 The Travelin' Diver's Chapbook 2009 Book
13 The Devil's Teeth Book A true story of obsession and survival among America's great white sharks.
14 101 Questions about the Seashore Book Illustrated Guide
15 130 Feet Down Book Handbook for Hydronauts
16 Abyss Book Instructional
17 American Seashells Book Illustrated Guide
18 Amphibian Book Adventures of a Professional Diver
19 Beachcobing the Pacific Book Instructional
20 Beginning Underwater Photography Book A must for the Nikonos user
21 Beneath the Sea Book A sampling of diving adventures
22 Between Pacific Tides Book Biology book
23 Bonaire and Curacao Book Guide Book
24 Business of Diving Book Instructional
25 Common Seashore Life Book Illustrated Guide
26 Cooking with emphasis on scallops Book Cookbook
27 Crab and Abalone Book Cookbook
28 Dangerous Sea Creatures Book Coffee table book
31 Decompression in Depth Book Instructional
32 Dive Computers Book Consumer's Guide
33 Dive Resorts Rated Book Travel Guide
34 Diving for Northwest Relics Book Salvage
35 Diving for Pleasure and Treasure Book Illustrated Guide
36 Easy Diver Book Illustrated Guide
37 Exploring the Deep Frontier Book Coffee table book
38 Exploring the Seashore Book Illustrated Guide
39 Field book of seashore life Book Field Guide
40 Fishwatchers' Guide Book Illustrated Guide
41 Fitness and Nutrition Guide for Divers Book Illustrated Guide
42 Grand Cayman Island Book Guide Book
43 Hawaiian Islands Book Guide Book
44 Hydrospace Book Narrative
45 Life and Death in a Coral Sea Book Narrative
46 Man Under the Sea Book Story Book
47 Marine Fish Cookbook Book Cookbook
48 Medical Aspects of Sport Diving Book Instructional
49 Mind in the Waters Book Illustrated Guide
50 Northwest Shore Dives Book Guide Book
51 Northwest Wreck Dives Book Guide Book
52 Oceanography Book Text Book
53 Octopus and Squid Book Narrative
54 Pacific Boating Almanac 1983 Book Almanac
55 Pacific Coast Nudibranchs Book Guide Book
56 Pacific Salmon Cookbook Book Cookbook
57 Pacific Seashores Book Guide to Intertidal Ecology
58 Red Sea Divers Guide Book Guide Book
59 Report on Decompression Book Instructional
60 Saltwater Fishing in Washington Book Instructional
61 SCUBA Equipment Care & Maintenance Book Maintenance Manual
62 Seaweeds at Ebb Tide Book Illustrated Guide
63 Secrets of the Seas Book Coffee table book
64 Shadows in the Sea Book Sharks, Skates and Rays
65 Shipwrecks of BC Book Guide Book
66 Skin & SCUBA Diving Book Illustrated Guide
67 Smokehouses and the Smoke Curing of Fish Book Cookbook
68 Something Rich & Strange Book Narrative
69 Sport Diving Book Source book
70 The Art and Technique of the Japanese Fish Print Book Illustrated Guide
71 The Booth Seafood Cookbook Book Cookbook
72 The Breadalbane Adventure Book Adventure
73 The Complete Goggler Book How to on Goggle fishing
74 The Drama of the Oceans Book Coffee table book
75 The Dry Suit Book Book How to book on drysuits
76 The Living Sea Book Narrative
77 The Lore of Ships Book Coffee table book
78 The Manual of Underwater Photography Book How to book on Photography
79 The Mysterious Undersea World Book Coffee table book
80 the new science of skin and scuba diving Book Instructional
81 The Ocean Realm Book Coffee table book
82 The Sea around us Book Mentor Book
83 The Shellfish Cookbook Book Cookbook
84 The Silent World Book Biography of Captain J. Y. Cousteau
85 The Skin Diver Book Guide Book
86 The Sound and the Sea Book Guide Book
87 The Undersea Adventure Book Adventure
88 Tidepool & Reef Book Illustrated Guide
89 Touch the Sea Book Illustrated Guide
90 Under The Mediterranean Book Travel Stories
91 Under the Sea-wind Book A Naturalist's picture of ocean life
92 Undersea Treasures Book Treasure Hunting
93 Underwater Communication Book Instructional
94 Underwater Man Book First person account of adventures
95 Underwater Medicine Book Instructional
96 Underwater Parks Comprehensive Study Book Comprehensive Study
97 Underwater Strobe Photography Book Photography
98 Underwater Yearbook 1962 Book Yearbook
99 Vancouver Aquarium Seafood Recipes Book Cookbook
100 Vancouver Islands West Coast Book Historical
101 Virgin Islands Book Guide Book
102 Women in Sports Scuba Diving Book Tribute
103 World without Sun Book Narrative
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