Membership Information

The SeaHorse Dive Club is an organization dedicated to promoting the enjoyment of SCUBA diving and other related activities for Boeing employees, their families, and other eligible people. Our goal is to help you get out and dive more often, and enjoy it more. To do that, we sponsor local dives, monthly meetings and programs, social events, and dive excursions to exciting locations both in the region (B.C., Neah Bay, San Juan Islands) and further away, such as Cozumel Mexico.

The club also owns and maintains an air compressor, and provides cylinder visual inspection at a reduced price for members. 

Member Benefits:

  • Lead a Dive and Get Free Air Program
  • Free air fills for personal SCUBA cylinders at the club compressor in Lynnwood
  • Reduced price cylinder visual inspections
  • Social events and local dives
  • Subscriptions to popular dive magazines and access to other dive related materials through our Club Library

What Does It Cost?

 Initiation Fee $10
 Individual Membership $25
 Family Membership (includes spouse and dependent children) $35
 Associate Membership (eligible former employees and other special cases) $35
 Retiree Membership $5
 Late Fee (renewing after May 1st) $5

Who Can Join?

Current Boeing employees and their immediate family members, retirees, and and some others are eligible to join.  Since this is a Boeing sponsored recreation club, eligibility requirements are defined by Boeing Recreation and PRO-99.

Membership & Liability Release Form

How do I sign up?  If you meet the eligibility requirements, simply fill-out the Membership & Liability Release Form, and send it in with your payment to our Membership Coordinator.  Eligible non-Boeing persons wishing to join will also have to fill-out the Boeing Recreation Associate Members Form and send it in with your application.


If you have any questions about being a club member, please contact our membership coordinator by sending an e-mail to