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2019 Calendars are available

posted Nov 22, 2018, 9:10 PM by Editor SeaHorse   [ updated Nov 23, 2018, 10:12 AM ]

Calendars are available. Winning images from our Photo and Video contest plus other cold water and warm water images by member photographers. They are $16 plus shipping from CafePress. Here is the link.

Or, click on the link in the upper right corner of the opening page. 

November 15th Indoor Meeting - Key Largo

posted Nov 8, 2018, 10:54 AM by Editor SeaHorse

The November 15th Indoor meeting will be at the Round Table Pizza in Redmond (at Overlake). No Host dinner at 6 PM, Program at 7 PM. Program this month includes video and report on REEF's 25th Anniversary Team Survey at Key Largo. Ed Gullekson with show a video and talk about REEF. We will also show videos of recent dives in the Pacific NW. Our Treasurer, Brian Heath, will talk about the Club budget ending this year and for next year. Come out and talk about diving, learn about local dive sites and help plan for diving through the winter months. These meetings are open to the public so bring your friends.

Report of the annual UWPCC 2018

posted Nov 7, 2018, 10:28 AM by Editor SeaHorse

This year was exceptional for weather conditions during the event. Calm water and sky’s prevailed along with a light fog.
We would like to thank our sponsors: Sea Soft Scuba for providing samples of a few of their many great products. 
Our participants cashed in on zipper wax, defogger for masks, soap for washing dry/wet suits. 
Air cards provided by Evergreen Dive Service, Underwater Sports, Light House Dive, TLSea.

Marker Buoy dive club was represented by participants: Dominic, Joan, Kosta, Ashley and Jasmine.
A crowd gathered for the competition to cheer on the contestants. This was the year for newbies. Yes my friends, half of the contestants had never carved a pumpkin underwater. 
As expected some of them were better prepared than others and knew that pumpkins floated.

Dom did very well for his first UWPCC by getting the pumpkin underwater. His entry was a bat for which he was rewarded with Best off as pumpkin pie.
Joan swept the competition away with “Most Artistic” category using her entry Catfish.
Team Ashley and Jasmine took their time getting into the water and the swim out. This may have been Jasmine’s first time diving in Puget Sound. 
Their entry Whale Shark won the category of “Best use of Sea life”.

Kosta brought a medium sized pumpkin that kept him afloat. Pumpkin 1, Kosta 0. My expectations are that Kosta will have a harness and 20 pounds of weight for next year’s entry.
Kosta gave up after 10 minutes of struggling with the buoyant orange gourd.

Seahorse Dive club was represented by SHDC President Tom Kingsbury, aka self-titled “Galactic Overlord”. Tom and Gary Schnaith teamed up to carve “Vampire Pumpkin”. 
The crowd voted and they received “Biggest Pumpkin”. This was Tom’s first time at carving a pumpkin underwater. 
Brad Redmond brought back three small gourds and named his entry “School of Pumpkin fish”. Brad took “Cutest” hands down.
Long time participants: Randy Pedersen and Ed Gullekson, carved “Millennial Orca”. The crowd cheered loudly and they received prizes for “Scariest” pumpkin.

Shore support personal for the event: Andrea Naert and Dave Ballard of the Marker Buoy and Brian Heath SHDC.

Side notes
Yes, there were several people in just swimsuits swimming by. It isn’t a “Polar Bear” dip for these folks. Many of them swim in the water several times a month. 
Visibility was 25 feet.
Tide was in and about 4 steps up from the beach. This made the swim out much shorter.

Brian Heath

Results of the Photo and Video Contest

posted Nov 7, 2018, 10:25 AM by Ed Gullekson   [ updated Nov 7, 2018, 10:29 AM by Editor SeaHorse ]

Watch for announcement of 2019 calendars with contest winner photos, PacNW photos and Tropical photos.

Here are the results of the 2018 Photo & Video contest which was held on October 25th. Below are listed the categories with the winners name and their description of the winning photo or video:

Video - Randy Pedersen: My video, "Can You See Me?" is about how our local sea life can hide in plain sight. Except for the opening scene (Waves crashing on a Hawaiian beach) it was shot exclusively in Puget Sound and the San Juan islands.

Above Water Dive Related - Chris McKenna: "Waiting for Mantas". Taken 5/23/18 at 6:49 PM. We were going to dive with the Manta Ray's at night (I highly recommend this dive) and while we were moored and waiting I saw a beautiful sunset setting up. So I grabbed by camera, fins, and mask and dove in. I had to swim away from the boat a bit to make sure I could get the boat in frame along with the sun.

Cold Water Macro - Ed Gullekson: Multicolored dendrontid nudibranch - taken at Shaw Island in the San Juan Islands September 21, on a REEF Advanced Assessment Team survey. It was taken on the last day of the trip. These are common nudibranchs in the San Juan Islands.

Cold Water Wide Angle - Ken Engelmeyer: “Strange Bed Fellows” or “The Odd Couple” Cabazon on eggs with Lingcod sharing same rock pile. Photo taken at the Edmonds UWP December 10, 2017

Warm Water Macro - Ed Gullekson: Neon goby on coral - taken at Key Largo, FL, in June on a REEF Survey on the first dive of the trip. These are a common species and a few of them would let me get close enough to shoot macro photos.

Warm Water Wide Angle - Randy Pedersen: My photo, a lion fish from Tiger beach in the Bahamas was shot on the February 2013 trip there. It was shot in about 20fsw on a sandy bottom next to a very large stud link anchor chain that has been there for a very long time.

Novice - Chris McKenna: "Diver's at Hoovers Pinnacle" taken 5/19/18 at 9:19 AM. This was a reef dive and it was a photo in which I wanted to get a silhouette of a diver in that water. I was lucky to get 2 of them--one was a student and the other an instructor. It was a matter of turning around from my current position (after taking a photo of an eel or something).

Wolf Eels - Pieter Booth: "My photo of "scarface" the wolf eel was taken at Sund Rock last year on a club dive. It was on the North wall at about 50 fsw. Sund Rock is wolf eel rich and we usually see 6-12 individuals. This one has the most beat-up look of any I have seen in my many years of diving the PNW. Missing its left eye and hardly had any teeth.

Ken's photo of the “Strange Bed Fellows” (Cold Water Wide Angle) was chosen as the "Best in Show"

Thanks to all the winners for sending me the descriptions of their winning entries. My apologies for taking so long to make this post.

Thanks to the 23 members who voted after viewing all the pictures and videos entered in the contest. We will try to find a better venue for next year.

Dave Wakeley

Pumpkin Carving Contest Saturday 10/27

posted Oct 23, 2018, 9:09 AM by Ed Gullekson

Seahorse dive club and Marker Buoy dive club will be holding our annual underwater pumpkin carving contest this Saturday.


Date:  October 27.  (This Saturday)

Location: Alki Shelter house, just across the street from Pegasus Pizza.

Sign up 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM

Dive Briefing: 9:45 AM

Water Entry at 10 AM.


Judging at 11:30 AM. 


Pre-dive snacks are provided by Marker Buoy club. 

Coffee by Starbucks.

Many prizes provided by Seasoft Scuba.  



   Must dive with a buddy

  BYOP - Bring Your Own Pumpkin

  Pumpkin cannot be punctured in any way before reaching final

carving depth of 10'.

  Pumpkins may be stenciled beforehand with a marker as long as no holes exist.

  Only items found during the dive may be added to the pumpkin

 Teams must return to dive site entrance within 60 minutes of official start.

 All participants who are not club members must have a signed release of liability.

 Any type of carving tool is allowed as long as it is in a sheath.

 Judging will be done by everyone around (so be sure to bring your friends to cheer for you!).

Official Categories are: Scariest,  Largest,  Best Use of Marine Life,  Artistic, &  Better off as Pumpkin Pie



Hot Dogs, Snacks and Hot Cider will be provided following your dive.

Annual Photo and Video Contest - Oct. 25th

posted Oct 7, 2018, 4:54 PM by Ed Gullekson

Come out and vote for your favorite photos and videos.

2018 Randy Glenn Memorial Photo Contest
Sea Horse Dive Club
October 25th, 208 at 7:00 PM 
Issaquah Rogue Brewery (new location)
35 West Sunset Way, Issaquah, WA 98027
The Rules
 You must be a Sea Horse Dive Club member.
 All entries must be in print form. No slides will be accepted.
 The entering member must have taken the photo.
 No photo retouching is allowed.
 Matting and framing is encouraged (Max. overall size 16 x 20).
 Entries must be marked on the back with the photographer’s name.
 Entries should be named.
 Previous Sea Horse Dive Club winning or placing entries cannot be entered.

 You must be a Sea Horse Dive Club member
 The preferred format is DVD. If you want to use some other format then check with me. You will probably need to provide the viewing equipment.
 The entering member must have taken, edited, and produced the entry.
 Maximum combined length is 5 minutes (Could be 2 @ 2 ½ minutes).
 Entries must be named and it is encouraged that you set it to music or narration.

Rotating Category For This Year!
“Wolf Eels”
 Entries must be marked on the back with the photographers name
 Shots of Wolf Eels taken locally or abroad. Be creative!

The Categories:
1) Video – This includes both video and multimedia.
2) Above water dive related - Pictures taken above water that relate to diving.
3) Cold Water Macro - Pictures taken underwater in below 65 degree water at greater than 1 to 1 scale
4) Cold Water Wide Angle - Pictures taken underwater in below 65-degree water at less than 1 to 1 scale
5) Warm Water Macro - Pictures taken underwater in above 65-degree water at greater than 1 to 1 scale
6) Warm Water Wide Angle - Pictures taken underwater in above 65-degree water at less than 1 to 1 scale
7) Novice - Pictures taken by someone who has been doing underwater photography less than 1 year.
8) Wolf Eels – One or more wolf eels from anywhere

General Information
 The members present will get to place one vote in each category for the photo or video they thought was best. The winning entries in each category will be eligible for Best Of Show.
 The judging for Best Of Show will be done by 3 members of the Sea Horse Executive board who are present and did not win any category.
 If any problems or disputes arise during the contest, the photo contest chairman and two executive board members present will jointly resolve the issue.
 Deadline for submissions is October 25th, 2018 at 6:30PM. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.
 Questions? Contact Dave Wakeley at or at 206-251-6736

Report on Sea Horse 60th Anniversary BBQ - September 15th

posted Sep 16, 2018, 5:57 PM by Ed Gullekson

We had a great turn out today, about 25, with 8 divers hitting the water. I got to meet three of our oldest members, two having joined back in 1959!!

Thank you Brian and everyone else for putting this together!!

Thank you to every one else for coming out to celebrate with us today!!

Tom Kingsbury SHDC President

Puget Sound Crab Summer Catch Record due.

posted Sep 5, 2018, 6:05 PM by Gary Schnaith

Don't forget to enter in your summer catch record card this month. 
Use the WDWF link on our links page. Mine catch number was zero this summer but you still have to enter that,  
because there is $10 charge on your next years license if you don't.

Sea Horse 60th Anniversary BBQ - September 15th

posted Sep 3, 2018, 4:13 PM by Ed Gullekson

This year is the 60th Anniversary for our Club. We will have a celebration at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park on Sept 15th. The large cabana is rented and lunch will be provided by the Club. Diving in the morning from 9 to 10:30, and lunch from 11:30 to 2.

Beer Dive Report

posted Aug 26, 2018, 5:06 PM by Ed Gullekson

The annual Beer Dive was held in Lake Washington at Magnuson Park on Thursday, August 23rd. Brian Heath once again ran the event. First he spread 24 bottles of beer on the lake bottom. We had nine divers searching for the beer. George and I helped with ground support and James went snorkeling while the divers were searching for beer.

The divers managed to find 22 of the bottles Brian put out plus two older bottles of beer that were without labels. This means that two bottles of Black Butte beer are still out there. The pair of Ed and Sarah were the big winners collecting 16 bottles. Tim and Rocky each found two bottles and Tom found one. New member Ross and his daughter Tricia found one of the bottles Brian put out plus the two older bottles. They also gathered a bunch of empty bottles and cans during their dive. Thanks for helping clean up the lake Ross and Tricia! Ken and Deborah were skunked and found no beer.

I remember a club wine dive several years ago when one of the club members said that that the best strategy would to sneak up behind Ed, cut a hole in his collection bag and collect the bottles that would then fall out. Since Ed and Sarah also did quite well together in this year’s wine dive that strategy has some merit! Good luck though catching up with Ed to do this.

Brian provided hotdogs, chips, cookies, and soda pop for all 13 of us. Thanks again Brian for running a great club event!

By Dave Wakeley

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