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2013 Randy Glenn Memorial Photo and Video Contest Results

posted Oct 26, 2013, 6:44 AM by Ed Gullekson
2013 Randy Glenn Memorial Photo and Video Contest (this article was written by our Photo Contest Host, Randy Pedersen: Thanks for a fun evening!)

  Well, as they say in the movie industry, this is in the can. Tonight you Sea Horse Dive Club held the annual photo contest. We had about 25 people show up for the event and about 8 or 10 enter several photos & videos. Before I get to the results, I want to give a big thank you to our sponsors this year. We had prized donated by the following shops: Evergreen Dive Service in Everett, Lighthouse Diving in Lynnwood, Northwest Dive Institute in Bellevue, TL Sea in Kent and Tank H2O. These are the people who support us with the prizes we give away at our events so let’s make sure we support them with our dive purchases. And when you do go in, make sure you give them a big thank you for supporting us.
Okay, the moment you have all been waiting for. Following are the categories and who won them. When I get digital copies of the prints, I will post them on our face book page.
1) Novice – This was a photo of several hooded nudibranch shot at Edmonds Underwater Park a few weeks ago by Dave Wakeley. Way to go Dave, it’s good to have you shooting photos with us.
2) Cold Water macro – A flaming Alabaster Nudibranch filled the bulk of this shot. Our photographer, Pieter Booth, was not at the event tonight so I do not know the details. It truly was a beautiful shot.
3) Warm Water Macro – This photo of a small spotted moray eel was shot just north of Kona Hawaii by Ed Gullekson. He was doing a twilight dive before the manta ray dive when he found this beautiful subject.
4) Above Water Dive Related – This was a beautiful sunset shot of a mermaid and dolphin fountain at a dive resort in Puerto Rico that George Barron and his wife stayed at. This is George’s first year entering this contest. Well done sir!
5) Cold Water Wide Angle – A monster lingcod shot at Edmonds underwater park last summer dominated this photo. A wide angle lens was a must to get this shot. Gary Schnaith was our photographer. Well done!
6) Warm Water Wide Angle - A whale shark with a snorkeler behind it was shot by one of our veteran photographers, JD Rowe. This photo was takes about 20 miles east of Isla Mujeres, Mexico (Near Cancun).
7) Turtles Only – This small turtle was shot at the Galapagos Islands on a dive by Ed Gullekson. Another awesome shot Ed!
Video – This video was a different take then what you would expect from an underwater video. The theme of this video was a circus and the circus performers were fish shot by Randy Pedersen locally and abroad over the last couple years.
And Finally, the best of show went to the Video Entry described above called “Down Under The Big Top”. Great Video Randy!
Next year, I will not have the Turtles only category but will have “Ratfish Only” as category #7. Get you cameras out and start shooting pictures & video. Next year’s contest will be here before you know it!