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8 foot viz at Redondo (4 feet in either direction!)

posted May 3, 2013, 8:17 AM by Pieter Booth   [ updated May 3, 2013, 8:19 AM ]
Ed Gullekson, Dave Wakeley and Pieter Booth met on a sunny afternoon April 26.  Tide was low on a big exchange.  We submerged in about 20 fsw and quickly lost each other.  But had agreed to swim to the rope and drop down the rope in hopes of finding better visibility.  We did all eventually (but briefly) find each other at about 65 fsw where viz had opened up to about 4 feet.  I was able to stumble upon the juvenile wolf eel and got some murky video of it playing hide-and-seek.  By the time I got done, Ed was no longer in sight so Dave and I headed up toward the shallow boat and pipe.  We found the pipe but missed the boat (they are only about 10 feet apart and we all know this site better than most).  Despite having plenty of gas and bottom time left, Dave and I signaled it was time to make our way back.  Visibility deteriorated to about 2 feet at our safety stop, where comically, we "ran into" Ed again so we all exited together.  With all the sunny weather we are having it is likely to be an intense, but hopefully short-lived bloom.  We should start seeing lots of comb jellies and jelly fish soon who will graze down all that green stuff.