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A Sturgeon at Cove 2 - Seriously?

posted Feb 20, 2013, 9:49 PM by Webmaster SeaHorse   [ updated Mar 19, 2013, 8:22 PM ]
By Pieter Booth, 
January 4, 2013  
Sturgeon at Cove 2
Ed Gukllekson, Randy Pedersen, Brian Lund, and Pieter Booth met at 4:00 PM on this partly sunny Friday evening. Tide was low, so the entry and exit was a bit challenging...kind of like walking on a steep slope of slimy golf balls. We did our standard dive going down the boundary line to about 74 fsw, then over to the rock piles, then to the jumble of pilings, and wrapping up on the Honey Bear. Ed spotted one GPO under the plates (now well S. of the new boundary line), Pieter spotted a little red octopus going down a hole, Randy saw a bunch of sea spiders, and the male decorated warbonnet is still guarding eggs (some now with eye spots [see Ed's photo]). 

Ed, Pieter, and Randy did a second dive, with Randy spending a bunch of time videotaping a tiny isopod and some sea spiders.
Randy was also accosted throughout much of the dive by a very plump harbor seal. On my way back from the Honey Bear, I saw a large grey shape swimming towards me in about 20 fsw. At first I thought it was a seal, then I thought it was a sixgill, then when close enough I saw it was about a 5' long sturgeon! Although I had the manual setting on my camera on macro mode, I was able to get photo confirmation. Cove 2 is still serving up adventures!