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Beer Dive Report

posted Aug 22, 2013, 10:00 PM by Unknown user
What a beautiful day for a dive at Edmonds.  The weather was perfect, the water was calm, the tide was high - you could not ask for more.  Six Sea Horses met to do this adult excuse to mix beer and salt water (not into one glass or anything wasteful like that) and we call it the Beer Dive. Brian H did his usual great job of logistics and set up.  He placed 36 bottles of beer and markers for 24 cans of soda in the search area.  The five searchers, Brian Lund, Pieter Booth, Rocky Gamble, Dave Wakeley and Ed Gullekson dashed (ok, waded through eelgrass) into the sea and spent 45 minutes doing the search.  Vis was a respectable 10 to 15 feet and water temp was a comfortable 56 (or so).  We recovered 34 bottles of beer and 23 of the soda markers (pvc pipe painted red).
Final tally was Brian L - 0 (ok, he was without his undergarment and got cold very quickly, plus some of us gave him a couple beers), Pieter B 5 beers and 4 sodas, Rocky got 6 beers and 2 sodas, Dave W. got 10 beers and 7 sodas and Ed G found 13 beers and 10 sodas.
It was a very nice Beer Dive.  Many people asked us about if the bottles were full and could you see anything.  Dave Seets' friend Patty came by and we all chatted with her for quite a while.  May Dave rest in peace in his favorite water world.