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Beer Dive Report

posted Aug 26, 2018, 5:06 PM by Ed Gullekson

The annual Beer Dive was held in Lake Washington at Magnuson Park on Thursday, August 23rd. Brian Heath once again ran the event. First he spread 24 bottles of beer on the lake bottom. We had nine divers searching for the beer. George and I helped with ground support and James went snorkeling while the divers were searching for beer.

The divers managed to find 22 of the bottles Brian put out plus two older bottles of beer that were without labels. This means that two bottles of Black Butte beer are still out there. The pair of Ed and Sarah were the big winners collecting 16 bottles. Tim and Rocky each found two bottles and Tom found one. New member Ross and his daughter Tricia found one of the bottles Brian put out plus the two older bottles. They also gathered a bunch of empty bottles and cans during their dive. Thanks for helping clean up the lake Ross and Tricia! Ken and Deborah were skunked and found no beer.

I remember a club wine dive several years ago when one of the club members said that that the best strategy would to sneak up behind Ed, cut a hole in his collection bag and collect the bottles that would then fall out. Since Ed and Sarah also did quite well together in this year’s wine dive that strategy has some merit! Good luck though catching up with Ed to do this.

Brian provided hotdogs, chips, cookies, and soda pop for all 13 of us. Thanks again Brian for running a great club event!

By Dave Wakeley