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Cove 2 Dive Report

posted May 16, 2013, 4:28 PM by Pieter Booth   [ updated May 16, 2013, 4:31 PM ]
Two low viz-weary seahorses (Ed Gullekson and Pieter Booth) dragged themselves out of their offices for what they thought might be another good zero visibility training dive.  We both brought our cameras, thinking, well, at least we can check the "green balance" of the color.  Boy, were we disappointed!  30+ foot visibility....WHAT?  Yup from 4 to 30 in 6 days!  Neither one of us had ever seen visibility improve so dramatically.  I guess that 's what happens when the usual Spring input of nutrients is cut off by no rain.  Needless to say, both dives were great.  Although GPOs were nowhere to be found, Ed spotted an adolescent wolf eel in the N. rock pile and a decorated warbonnet on the pilings.  Other finds included diamond back tritona, California sea lemon, and striped nudibranch.  Also a couple of very large lings.  Sea lettuce is starting to cover the bottom, so some of those benthic critters like stubby squid and grunt sculpins might be harder to spot in the next few weeks, but hey, you can look up from 30 feet and see the surface of the water, how cool is that?