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Cove 2 Dive Report

posted May 23, 2013, 10:48 PM by Unknown user
Wednesday three Sea Horses met at Cove 2 for an after-work dive.  This was scheduled for Redondo but we moved it to Cove 2 because timing to get to Redondo was bad that day for both Ed and Dave.  The web site location was not changed until mid-morning that day.
Monica joined us and the 3 of us had 2 wonderful dives.  Vis was not as good as the 30 feet last week but was a respectable spring-time 10 to 15 feet (better on the second dive).  We saw rockfish, grunt sculpin, red octopus, ratfish, a big cabezon and decorated warbonnets.  Water temp was up to a respectable 50 degrees.  You can see some photos in my photo folder at:
or the video clip at: