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Cove 2 Dive Report

posted Sep 9, 2013, 7:40 AM by Ed Gullekson
Last Thursday evening dive at good old Cove 2. The rain held off, the air was warm, the vis was - 25 feet - wow, and I stayed dry, as did my camera (different from my previous dive). Mike Snow, Pieter Booth and Dave Wakeley joined me for 2 dives. We did standard dive #1 first and second we ran the 50-foot contour on that rope. Lots of rockfish everywhere, kelp and painted greenlings, tubesnouts of all sizes, 3 lings, a couple octos, 2 grunt sculpins and 2 decorated warbonnets plus a Pacific sucker fish whose name has slipped my mind. One highlight was the numerous hooded nudibranchs. They were everywhere and laying eggs too. Water was about 54-55 on this high tide. I have added a couple photos on FaceBook ( and watch for a video  posted on my vimeo channel at