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Cove 2 dive report

posted Nov 22, 2013, 10:47 PM by Unknown user
Friday night winter night diving - Cove 2 report. 3 Seahorses braved the cold, Gary Schnaith, Randy Pedersen and Ed Gullekson. The first dive was nice, rockfish, lings, Gary found a red octopus, Ed found a decorated warbonnet, Randy found a heart crab.

Randy and I did a second dive. We found a large stubby squid, some more decorated warbonnets and were followed most of the time by 2 seals. The seals did the seal thing of eating the fish and stirring up the silt. I found another red octopus and it promptly went into a hole...

There continues to be significant die-off of sea stars from wasting disease. I took photos of at least 10. I also saw some that looked ok. Water temp was 51ish and vis was 15 feet or so.