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Cove 2 Dive Report

posted Dec 12, 2013, 9:28 PM by Ed Gullekson
Four Sea Horses came out for the Thursday night dive at Cove 2, Gary, Byron, Pieter and Ed all welcomed the mist that lay on the city replacing the deep freeze of the last 2 weeks.  We geared up and went in as a foursome, but right at the beginning separated into pairs.  Ed and Byron went deep along the boundary, Pieter and Gary stayed shallow on a line to the HB wreck.  There were 2 GPO's under plates along the boundary.  We went cross-country to the rock piles and then turned uphill towards the logs.  At the first logs we found an adult decorated warbonnet inside the log.  On the next log we found 2 juveniles of the same species and on the third log another juvenile.  I noticed many of the horned shrimp flittering aside when my light would play across the mud.
Pieter and Gary found a grunt sculpin and then we all found each other at the HB wreck.  The BIG GPO is still under the HB on the down-slope side (north end) and there is another GPO in the tunnel on the up-hill side.  This one is waaay back in that hole and is difficult to see.  We all made our way back to the exit safely hitting safety stops on the way.  The seals followed us for part of the time, but in retrospect it was good that we split up as the seals had to pick one or the other to follow.  I was amazed at how few sea stars I saw on the whole dive.  Maybe 3 looked healthy and about 5 looked sick.  Those were the only ones I saw - wow so many gone.  Pieter said he saw a number of tiny, nickel or quarter size ones on the dive.
Water temp was about 48-49 and vis was about 20 feet.