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Crab Dive Dive Report

posted Jul 5, 2013, 7:25 PM by Pieter Booth
Randy P. and Pieter B. launched the Sea Wolf for her first serious (1/2 loaded) sea trail to the Mukilteo Oil dock.  Although I am no expert on the matter, she seemed to run beautifully.  Thanks Randy for all of your work!  By the time we arrived at the N. side of the oil dock the sun was peeking out and winds were very calm.  We descended along the anchor line to find the chain totally tangled around the anchor.  I thought for sure I would be fired as first mate!  Good lesson in NOT tossing the anchor overboard, but lowering it in a controlled fashion instead.  Viz absolutely sucked (5 feet max) down to about 30 fsw.  Despite running our dive plan meticulously, Randy and I separated after the first five minutes, but were probably just out of sight of each other the whole dive. There are still a lot of soft-shells buried in the mud and emerging in droves like something out of a horror movie as I floated a few feet above them.  It was a very eerie scene with all the crab exoskeletons littering the bottom just upgradient.  Both of us found pretty good pickings at the end of the dock.  Randy emerged with about 15 to sort through , and I had about 10.  We each kept the 5 best ones, all well over the minimum size limit and quite hard.  During the surace interval, we saw two more groups of divers (two doing a shore entry after arriving by rubber dinghy, and 5 crammed into a ~18' runabout. 

We headed to the Boeing dock for a second dive to explore the area.  Randy got some video of scurrying crabs and a couple of very light colored buffalo sculpin.  Randy also spotted a 24-36" starry flounder and wished he had his speargun.  All-in-all two great dives on a beautiful day.