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Critter of the Month for Aug 26 to Sept 22 - GPO

posted Aug 26, 2016, 5:08 PM by Ed Gullekson
With the August Monthly Activity behind us it's time to talk Critter of the Month (COTM). Ken EngelmeyerDavid WakeleyDan Ritchie and I all saw and posted the painted greenling for the period from July activity to August activity.
For this month, from now until September 22, the COTM is the giant Pacific octopus (GPO). This one will be more challenging. While they are relatively common, they are not everywhere. Remember that if you see a small octopus and it has 3 "eyelashes" under each eye, it is a red octopus, not a GPO. OK, go find those GPO's. Be sure to go to the Club FB page and post as a comment that you saw one (date, site, depth, time and a photo of you can get one) on the COTM FB posting.