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Dive Report--Edmonds UP March 29, 2013

posted Apr 1, 2013, 8:23 AM by Pieter Booth
Dan Ritchie and Pieter Booth met at Edmonds UP bright and early (08:00) Saturday AM.  Although the drive there was almost entirely sunny, it was foggy and chilly at the dive site.  I don't dive here very often anymore, and every time I do, I swear I will work at getting back into shape.  It is a long swim out to ~30 feet.  Dan led the dive since I always get lost at this site. There wass a pretty big exchange, so we were in about a 1/4 kt current the whole dive.  We headed out Jetty way and made it to the triumph (I think), then headed N. along Triumph way (I think) and made our way back through cathedrals (I think), the boat yard, and home.  As usual, there were tons of big lings lollygagging about and a whole bunch of cabezons on eggs.  I don't recall ever seing so many cabbies on eggs so late in the winter/spring season.  Dan had a special knack for annoying cabezons and got attacked frequently,.  On one occasion, a particularly aggressive cabbie swam above him and dive bombed his head and tried to pull his hood off.  I almost spat out my regulator I was laughing so hard (sorry Dan).  I was diving with some new camera gear so was fiddling with it most of the dive.  All-in-all, a pretty nice way to spend the morning.  Dan and I got a 70+ minute dive out of it.  Viz was a fairly cloudy 15-20 feet and water temp was 47.  See a short video at