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Dive Report - Les Davis

posted Mar 30, 2014, 4:40 PM by Ed Gullekson

Sometimes timing is everything. Dave David Wakeley, Pieter Booth and I met at Les Davis this morning at 9. The clouds were breaking up and the sun was shining. Into the water we went. Vis was amazingly good - 20+ feet. We toured around the site, looking in holes and under the concrete slabs. Lots of fish to be seen - 4 species of rockfish, brown, copper, black and yellowtail, lings, 3 species of perch, barred, striped and shiner, painted greenling and a red brotula. In...vertebrates included 2 nudibranchs, frosted and leopard, lots of crabs, anemones (at least 4 species) and shrimp.

When we came out a large group was headed in. They were from the UW Sports in Tacoma, must have been 10 divers at least. Fortunately we were doing our surface interval while they were in. As they came out we went back in for dive #2. Again a good dive. There was a slight current, just enough to carry away silt the divers stirred up, so vis was again good. On this dive I spotted 2 GPO's and some stubby squid eggs. I also saw one very large ling (along with most of the other critters seen on the first dive. Water temp was about 46-47. Maybe it is starting to warm up. As we packed up, the rain moved in and we escaped in our cars.  See the Facebook page to see some photos.