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Dive Report 12/6/2013: Redondo

posted Dec 7, 2013, 9:51 AM by Pieter Booth
Ed Gullekson and Pieter Booth braved the sub-freezing temperatures for not one, not just a single, not just a mere lonely dive, but two, yes two dives!  This was a very difficult decision given that the straps on our B.C.s were stiff with ice and our hoods were like cardboard at the end of the surface interval, but dive we did.  On the first dive we headed down the rope trail to the deep boat where a large school of surf perch was foraging and an octo was in residence.  From there we headed up diagonally toward the fishing pier to explore the cobble field for stubby squid or any other denizens of the deep that might be out and about.  Ed spotted at least one juveline octo about the size of a dime. We headed up to the water intake for MASS and then slowly exited as we hunted for spiny lumpsuckers (none were spotted)

On the second dive we started at the standpipe and shallow boat where another GPO was residing.  In addition to the GPO, Ed was able to coax out the two resident grunt sculpins and he spotted another diminutive octo on the side of the end of the pipe hiding in and among coonstripe shrimp.  From there we headed across the tethered boat (another GPO) and the pipe boat (yet another GPO) and slowly up the slope (snailfish) to the edge of the eelgrass and exited at the beach access. 

Viz was 20-30 feet and water temp was 47.  Sunstar report:  about 50 % of those we saw were highly stressed or dying, another 20-25% appeared stressed (limbs crossed) and another 25-30% appeared healthy.