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Dive Report Cove 2

posted Apr 19, 2013, 10:10 PM by Ed Gullekson   [ updated Apr 23, 2013, 4:40 PM by Unknown user ]
It was a drippy spring evening that three Sea Horses me at Cove 2. Mike Snow, Pieter Booth and Ed Gullekson braved the drips to dip into Elliott Bay. It is clear that spring has arrived. The tide was low and water at the entrance was brownish so we had a hint of conditions. We swam out to the 4th buoy grouped up closely and turned on our lights with the expectation of losing view of each other on leaving the surface. Sure enough the first 20 feet were soup-like, yes pea soup like. We landed on the bottom at 45 feet and were able to see the lights but not bodies.

It was one of those dives where there was plenty to see, you just had to get real close. We looked for GPO’s on the way to the rock piles. Mostly we saw rockfish and shrimp. At the rock piles the fish were mostly in cracks and crevices. There was a leopard nudibranch and the eggs from the California Berthella still in place from last week. A ling was hidden under some lacy seaweed and acted like he thought we could not see him. On the way up Ed found a stubby squid – and it was so dark at that depth that the squid probably thought it was night up above. By this point in the dive the visibility had increased to about 10 or 12 feet. Pieter found a large cabie in the end of one of the logs on the way up the slope and a grunt sculpin in the end of a bottle. There were horned shrimp every few feet that would pop off the bottom when our lights ran across them. Ed looked under the HB wreck but that hole was unoccupied. Mike found a grunt sculpin near the end of the dive.

The tide continued to rise during the surface interval and we figured the vis would not have decreased. We followed the same process on the way out, dropping close together. We stayed up slope from the rock piles to keep shallower on this second dive. We looked for the little grunt and didn’t find it. The vis had actually improved to 15 feet at depth. The cabie was still in the log. Ed found another stubby squid at 48 feet. Because he was on nitrox he hung there while Pieter and Mike went up slope to keep up with no-deco time. As it turned out Mike needed to do a 9 minute deco anyway. Visibility in the shallows (<20 feet) was down to about 2 feet. Takes me to my favorite saying for these conditions - there was lots to see, you just had to get REAL close.