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Dive Report for Redondo 12/19/2013

posted Dec 20, 2013, 1:55 PM by Ed Gullekson
Gary has already posted some great photos on FaceBook so you know we had a good couple dives. Pieter and Byron also joined us for these dives. We found GPO's in the usual places under boats and in tubes (see Gary's photo). We also found 4 grunt sculpins, 3 on the big pipe and 1 later in the open near some of the light reflectors (part of the junk yard). We found a very large (14 inch) bright green gunnel that was in distress. It looked like a large bite mark, and from the holes I would bet on a ling cod. There was a gathering of small crabs (3-4 inch) in one area. I took a photo for identification and they look like young Dungeness! We also saw a couple of sailfin sculpins and some very small red octopuses.

Water temp was about 48-49 and air was 35-40. Vis was 20 feet on the first dive and a bit less on the second one. There are many fewer sea stars and more piles of the goo that is left when they die. I talked to a guy walking by who had been squidding from the pier and he said there was a school of squid that went by while we were in the water. We didn't see them at all.  Go to the FB page to see photos.