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Dive report from 3 Tree Point

posted Mar 13, 2015, 10:03 PM by Ed Gullekson
Pieter Booth, Michael P. Snow and I met this afternoon to dive in the warm overcast of the NW. Mike and I did 2 dives, and as Pieter said he did 1. Visibility continues to be wonderful ranging from 25 to 35 feet. Water temp is still only 49, maybe one of the warmest winter temps I have seen for the Puget Sound. First dive was to the junkyard. We didn't see the wolf eels but did see Olga. Olga octopus continues to take care of her eggs. Sea star wasting disease continues to decimate the mottled sea stars at this site. Mike and I did a second dive in front of the entry along the tire piles. We saw rockfish, sailfin sculpin (in with Olga), perch, a greenling, 2 kinds of nudibranchs and 5 kinds of sea stars including a couple 6-arm stars. Overall it was two wonderful dives for a Friday the 13th. - Ed Gullekson.  See photos on the FB page.