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Dive Report from 3 Tree Point

posted Mar 27, 2015, 9:28 PM by Ed Gullekson
Ed Gullekson and Pieter Booth met at 3 for a wonderful dive at Three Tree. We did the now customary visit to Olga the Octopus (on eggs) then on to the junkyard where we saw another GPO in one of the heat exchangers, then on the way back to the bowling ball pyramid to see octo. No. 3. Also a couple ratfish, a flatfish (photo id. pending), tons of longnose decorator crab, lots of red crab, one juvenile wolf eel, a couple of adult copper rockfish and lots of juvenile rockfish, big saddleback gunnel, and some very small jellies with some kind of invertebrate attached (photo pending).  See photos now posted on the FB page.