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Dive Report from Cove 2

posted Jan 17, 2014, 10:04 PM by Ed Gullekson
Report for Wednesday night dive at Cove 2. We had a terrible time. Visibility was 20+ feet and the water was, well, wet. Rockfish and ling cod swam around us along with greenlings and perch. Pieter Booth found squat lobsters at the rock piles out where one could hardly overlook them while I attempted a relationship with a rhinoceros crab next door. A single, lonely, decorated warbonnet sat on one of the logs and a northern clingfish hid on the bottom of some kelp. In 15 feet near the exit a GPO peered at us from it's den, crab shells strewn down the slope and pointing to the octo den. We both decided to never dive again since we had such a terrible time. Here are some photos from the ordeal... Did I mention that the moon came out and all this light and stuff that came from it, eeeeuuuu....  See photos on the FaceBook page.