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Dive report from January 10

posted Jan 14, 2015, 9:11 AM by Ed Gullekson

Randy P. did a morning dive at Edmonds Underwater park with Dan R, Rich A & Dave W this morning. The water was flat, there was a slight north current and the viz was pretty bad. I would guess 8 feet if you used your imagination a bit. We went out Jetty way to Northern lights and took a right over to the cathedrals. We came across many lings on eggs and a couple Cabazon (not on eggs - they are a lot safer that way). Toward the end of the dive we cam across a very large ling that had died. Although it was hard to see that, the circle of life continues because there were a bunch of crab reaping the benefits of her death (See photo on FB page). Also, Dan R.  said there were numerous Ling and Cabbies on eggs. Some extra large Ling at Lopez pontoon. The biting Ling at Cathedrals got a mouthful of Richard's fin.