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Dive report from Redondo

posted Apr 17, 2014, 10:20 AM by Ed Gullekson
Dive report from Redondo - well the plankton bloom may be upon us. Gary Schnaith, Pieter Booth and I did one dive tonight. The surface to 10 feet vis was ok, then it got bad. Even though we were at almost high tide from 10 feet down to 85 feet the plankton was thick. Yes, thick was how the three of us described it in our post-dive conversation. Now, remember that even though we can't see very far, there are still critters out there - you just have to get close to them. ...Here's a list of some of the ones we saw plus some photos; GPO's (5), wolf eel, Monterey sea lemon nudibranch, orange and white tipped nudibranch, cockscomb, painted greenlings, grunt sculpin, juvenile squid plus the usual range of crabs, rockfish, anemones and shrimp. The wind was just enough that it was a choppy exit and we decided 1 was enough. Water seems to have started warming - about 48 degrees. See the photos on the FB page.