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Dive Report from Saltwater and 3 Tree Pt.

posted Jan 12, 2014, 10:18 PM by Ed Gullekson   [ updated Jan 17, 2014, 10:07 PM ]
We canceled the dive at Saltwater yesterday because it was blowing so hard we knew we did not want to do the swim in that chop.  Today it was better - in fact good for dive #1.  Here is the rest of the story...
Diving with Pieter Booth today at Saltwater State Park and 3 Tree Point N.  The wind blew us out of Saltwater for the 2nd dive so 3 Tree was sheltered enough for #2.  Visibility was quite good at both locations - 25-30+ feet at times, with slight "smoke" in the water.  As Pieter said, gettin' cold, my computers said 47 and 44.  Between the 2 locations we saw 7 GPO's.  2 at Saltwater and 5 at 3 Tree.  We also saw 2 wolf eels at 3 Tree, the baby in Pieter's video and an older one in a pipe a bit deeper.  At Saltwater we saw 5 species of rockfish, black, brown, copper, quillback and vermilion, along with a bunch of lings.  Other critters at 3 Tree were gunnels and ratfish.  I also set a personal record of 71 minutes on a dry-suit dive.  It helped that I had nitrox and my 130 cu ft tank.  Go to SeaHorses Facebook page for photos and a video by Pieter.
I have added a video of the dives here: