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Dive Report: Three Tree 12/24/2013

posted Dec 24, 2013, 5:12 PM by Pieter Booth
Merry Christmas everyone!  Dave Wakeley and I met at 08:00 on this calm, almost balmy clear day.  After suiting up we headed down to the antlers and started our swim out.  We submerged when we lost sight of the bottom, in about 30 fsw!  We did our typical dive heading first to the golf ball boat, where the very large GPO den was vacant.  Darn!  Then off the the satellite dish, the "tube farm", the culvert piles, and headed our way back.  We concluded after this first dive that critters are either visiting family out of state or headed into deeper water (my computer registered a water temp of 46).  We did see lots of gunnels and did spot the juvenile (now adolescent) wolf eel in the 4 in. PVC pipe at about 80 fsw.  Saw a small GPO in one of the big heat exchangers (or whatever the heck they are) and Dave spotted one more in a small pipe.  Very few rockfish and only a couple of ratfish were seen.  I did not see a single healthy seastar.  A couple of leather stars appeared OK, but even they had some lesions on them  I did not see one living sunstar.  One thing that was odd, was the HUNDREDS of alabaster nudibranchs stretched out in a ribbon between 20-30 fsw.  All-in-all two great dives.  There is a permit in process for construction at the lift station, so I think access will be cutoff for a while.  Check with TLSea or your local dive shop before heading there after the holidays.  Please see the short video I posted on the club FB site
Pieter Booth,
Dec 24, 2013, 5:12 PM