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February Indoor Meeting Highlights

posted Feb 24, 2017, 11:22 AM by Editor SeaHorse

In the opening of the meeting our president, Ken Englemeyer, led conversations  on recent dives, did some raffles  and presented an air card to a member for leading at dive with 4 or more members participating (see our web site for more details on this program).

Jim Trask from Washington Scuba Alliance (WSA) was the featured speaker for 15 Sea Horses last night.  He started with giving out door prizes provided by Rick Stratton from the upcoming Dive and H2O Show, starting with a set of fins/mask/snorkel, then 2 air-fill cards from Lighthouse Dive Centers.  The show is March 31 and April 1 & 2, at the Tacoma Convention Center.

Jim then briefed us on WSA mission and ongoing projects.  They have established good working relationships with the state organizations who have a say in underwater reefs and modifications. Projects that are being worked and are in various stages are at Redondo, Les Davis Pier, Mukilteo and Saltwater Park plus multiple mooring buoy efforts.  More can be found at the WSA web site where one can donate, join or just learn more about what is happening.

WSA web site:

Dive and H2O Show web site: