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First Club meeting of 2014 a great success

posted Jan 27, 2014, 6:08 PM by Pieter Booth
We had a great turnout last Thursday for the first club meeting of the year.  Thanks to Ken Blauvelt for lining up Jack Connick, owner of Optical Oceans; our one stop shop in Seattle for underwater photography gear (  Jack kicked things off with a show-and-tell of camera and housing gear and lighting.  In the interest of time, he had to stop short at strobes, but we did get to handle the latest LED powerhouses...$/lumen keeps dropping.  Jack then gave a great presentation on composition and followed it up with a wide angle-closeup and taking vertical (a.k.a. portrait) shots. All of these presentations are available for perusal for free on their web site.  I recently made a couple of big $$ purchases from Jack's shop (well big $$ for me, anyway) and will probably go to him for a camera and housing upgrade this year.  Not only were the prices competitive, but the in-store service and tips were invaluable.