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Friday Night Dive Report

posted Mar 1, 2014, 8:41 PM by Ed Gullekson
The Friday night dives at Cove 2 attracted 5 divers as Randy Pedersen mentioned in his post on FB. We set a later splash time to get more "night" effect and it sort of worked. It was a twilight dive. The shadow of the hillside was on the water so we had some darkness, but the sun didn't really get down until the end of the dive. As you can see we did spot some interesting critters. All 5 of us did the first dive and only Randy and I stayed for the second dive. We picked a good... day in that the outdoor temperature was nicely mild (unlike today). Between the 2 dives we found vermilion rockfish (always a highlight- see Gary Schnaith's photos) a heart crab, 7 juvenile decorated warbonnets, ratfish, lincod, multiple nudibranch species, a crab called a scaly lithodid and coxcombs. On the 2nd dive we were harassed by feeding harbor seals (2). If you have not experienced this you might think "oh, how nice to see seals". After 5 minutes of seeing them eat fish and stir up the silt it gets old. After 45 minutes of that it gets real old. We tried turning off our lights (helped for 3 minutes) we tried pointing our lights in the opposite direction from the seal's path, that didn't help much either. This is one of the challenges at Cove 2.

OK, so now some photos - one is not pleasant to look at. You will see a dead pigeon guillemot (a seabird the flys underwater). It got tangled in some old fishing line and drown. This is one of the reasons to not discard plastic/fishing line in the water. Randy did a good deed and on the second dive. He gathered up the ball of line in a goody bag and brought it up and to a trash can.  You can see the photos on the FaceBook page.  Not on? - Join us on Facebook. You don't have to do the whole FB thing to look at the posts.  We use it because it is handier than this Google site for photos and fast turnover of posts.