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January Indoor Club Meeting Highlights

posted Jan 26, 2017, 10:16 PM by Editor SeaHorse
Highlights from the January Indoor Club Meeting. Seventeen Sea Horses met to talk diving and travel. We started out with local dives and drawings for prizes. I had led a dive just after Christmas last year that had 7 club members showed up to dive which earned me an air fill card (it is one of our programs, Lead a Dive Get Free Air). Then the main program began. Mike Murray, talked about and showed slides and video from the trip to Thailand that he and his wife, Heather Murray, made just last month. The diving looked great and the liveaboard boat looked just as good. They clearly had a wonderful time. Mike gave us the details about the boat and the crew along with all the beautiful photos from underwater. It was an inspiration to check out diving in Thailand. Next Month our program is about the Washington Scuba Alliance and the upcoming Dive and H2O Adventure show (April 1 & 2).