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June Indoor Meeting Highlights

posted Jun 19, 2015, 9:17 AM by Ed Gullekson
Topics of Diving In Florida on a Budget and the annual Dive-Around-the-Clock brought 20 SeaHorses and friends out to share a meal and learn. As usual we started with talking about recent dives - KVI Tower, Cove 2, Kopachuck Park.  Then we moved into upcoming diving - Saltwater State Park (Sunday), Reid Harbor Rendezvous (next week).  We also noted that Bruce Justinen has invited us to come to the SeaSoft Moving Sale on Sunday 6/21, in Auburn.  You can find each of these on the calendar at 

Next Kyle Lars talked to us about the upcoming Dive-Around-the-Clock, which will be July 17&18, at Redondo Beach, Des Moines, WA.  This raises funds for cancer research for children.  It is a wonderful event and an even better cause.  Here are 2 links:
Please consider signing up and diving, or at least donating.

Our own Monica Frederickson presented the piece on budget diving in Florida.  It's a great story, she was a student with little money yet wanted to dive.  Much of the diving in south Florida is from boats, so expensive.  She and her friends figured out places to dive that were either cheap ($6 per car entry) of free.  Monica has mapped out her favorites and talked about each of them.  It was a fun and informative conversation.

The next event will be the Beer Dive, at Edmonds Underwater Park, July 23rd.  Come out and earn a few beers by diving (what could be a better way to spend a Thursday evening?).