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May Indoor Meeting Highlights - If you weren't there you REALLY missed it (paraphrase from "Endless Summer")

posted May 29, 2015, 10:04 AM by Ed Gullekson
Bruce Justinen, President & Founder of SeaSoft, spoke to us, made us laugh, picked our brains on new products - and - wait for it - had giveaways galore.  Fifteen SeaHorses were educated, entertained and got new goodies.  Bruce had a couple new products, for specific uses in the water, that we got to see and talk with him about.  He talked about the SeaSoft Dry Suits and why they are so good.  Then we all got tickets for the drawing and he began giving away stuff.  First was the anti-fog (which I use and it works great), then some wet/dry suit cleaner, next was some of the commercial glue they use, then silicone lube.  Next he gave away 2 masks and a snorkel (these are $100 masks).  Last he gave away 2 half-price coupons for dry suits (value of $1200 each).  Everyone got at least 1 item and some got 2 items.  Total value of the giveaway items was almost $3000.

Now for a big announcement that Bruce made near the end of the meeting.  They are moving the manufacturing to Lacy (near Olympia).  With that they are having a "Moving Sale" on June 21 (Sunday) from 11 AM to 4 PM.  Bruce said he has a lot of stuff they will sell at very low process (so they don't have to move it.  If that wasn't enough,  Bruce will be placing 49 silver colored weight bags (2 lb.) across Les Davis, Saltwater Park and Redondo.  These bags will be worth $50 at the sale.  You have to go dive one of those sites on that Sunday AM to find the weights.  He will also place one gold colored weight, it will be worth $500 at the sale.  So make your plans to dive 6/21 at one of the designated sites.