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November Meeting Highlights

posted Nov 20, 2015, 1:26 PM by Ed Gullekson

The November Club meeting had 3 main items on the agenda; budget for 2016 (approved), elections and Diving in the Sea of Cortez. Eighteen Sea Horses zipped through the first two items and then settled down to focus on the diving (duh?). I showed a travelogue type video covering the whole week and Monica Fredrickson had 2 shorts that hit special areas, sea lions and flatworms (from a night dive). There were lots of questions and information exchange. See the FB page for photos from the trip.

We talked about Expeditions for next year and here is the line-up and person to talk to:
Channel Islands - Monica Fredrickson
Sea of Cortez at Loreto - Monica Frederickson
Phillipines - Byron Kim
Cozumel - Randy Pedersen
This is more than we had lined up for this year so if you want to go somewhere warm contact the person who is going to go.

Next Club meeting will be January 28. Watch here and the Google calendar for topic.