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Photo Contest Results

posted Oct 28, 2016, 9:42 AM by Editor SeaHorse

2016 Randy Glenn Memorial Video & Photo Contest

Tonight, “2016 Randy Glenn Memorial Video & Photo Contest” was held and there were many excellent videos & photos to indulge your senses with. About 20 people made the trek to Oxbow Center in South Seattle near the Museum of flight to show their work and to see the fine work of others. Before I get to the results, I want to give a big thank you to our sponsors this year. We had prizes donated by the following shops: Evergreen Dive Service in Everett, Lighthouse Diving in Lynnwood, TL Sea in Burien and Underwater Sports in Bellevue. These are the people who support us with the prizes we give away at our events so let’s make sure we support them with our dive purchases. And when you do go in, make sure you tell them who you are, what club you belong to and then give them a major league thank you for graciously supporting us.
Okay, the moment you have all been waiting for (Can you hear the drum roll in your head?). Following are the categories and who won them. When I get digital copies of the prints, I will post them on our face book page.
1) Video – This category had 4 entries this year, the most we’ve had in a while. The winning video, a chronological look at this member’s shark diving experiences starting from 6 gill sharks in 1999 and ending with hammerhead sharks in 2015 was done by a familiar face in our dive club’s meetings, Randy Pedersen (That’s me by the way).
2) Above Water Dive Related – This winning photo was of a baby seal lying on a dock with those doe eyes looking at the camera. Ken Englemeyer was our winning photographer. Way to go Ken!
3) Cold Warm Water Macro – Another name that keeps showing up in the winner’s circle over the years took this category with a shot of a decorated Warbonnet on a log taken at Cove 2. Ed Gullekson was our winning photographer. Ed, nice work!
4) Cold Water Wide Angle – The winning shot was a giant pacific octopus that was crawling around on the rocks. It was shot on a dive at this year’s Reid Harbor Rendezvous by long time club member, Dave Luton. As an added bonus and rightly so, this shot also took Best of Show! Dave, thank you for this awesome shot!
5) Warm Water Macro – This was a face shot of a splendid toad fish taken in Cozumel, Mexico. This shot was submitted by another frequent winner at these contests, Pieter Booth. Great shot Pieter
6) Warm Water Wide Angle – Pieter did it again in this category with another shot from Cozumel. This time it was one of those gorgeous reef scene shots! Pieter Booth, you rock!
7) Novice – Brand new members Mike & Heather Murray came up with the winning photo in the novice category with a great shot of some Caribbean Reef Squid taken in Roatan, Honduras. Thank you for sharing and we are looking forward to more from you two in the future!
8) Anemones Only – For the last few years I have been including a rotating category. Three years ago it was turtles, two years ago was ratfish, last year was Sea Stars and this year it was anemones. Part of the reason I choose anemones this year was because of all the complaints I had about trying to get photos of those fast moving Sea Stars last year.  So I chose something that didn’t move as fast and it worked because we had a lot of awesome anemone shots to pick out our favorite from. The winner was a beautiful white spotted anemone taken by Ed Gullekson. Ed, it is always a treat to see your photos!

All of you are what make this show work so thank you for participating. We always love to see new names on the photos so if you are an underwater photographer or want one and just need a little direction, do not hesitate to call me or any of the other names you see in the article. I know every one of them would love to help you be successful at this exciting hobby. 
Next year’s contest is only a year away. That may seem like a long time but it is not. Get your cameras out and start shooting pictures & video. 
As my good buddy says all the time, “Let’s go diving”.
Randy Pedersen