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Randy Glenn Memorial Video and Photo Contest Results

posted Oct 24, 2019, 10:12 PM by Editor SeaHorse
Twenty-six Sea Horses came out to the Diamond Knot Pub to show and vote for favorite images and videos. The meeting was well organized by Chris McKenna so we all got to see the three videos first and then walk around with our ballots and vote for our favorites in each category. Making a come-back this year was film (yes real emulsion on plastic), shot by Norm Lau who won the cold water wide angle category with an image of a rockfish on squid eggs. Other  winners were Ed Gullekson warm water wide angle, French angelfish over reef which was also best of show. Ed with cold water macro, a Pacific spiny lumpsucker and Pieter Booth in the category warm water macro with an arrow crab. The special category of grunt sculpin was shot by Ed Gullekson and the video winner was Randy Pedersen with the story of his dive journey to Seku, WA (which included losing, then finding his camera). The last category of above water dive-related was a sunset shot through a small wave at Redondo by Ed. These images will be used to build calendars for 2020 and sold through Cafe Press. We will also use additional images to make a total of 3 calendars - Contest Winners; Northwest images; and tropical images.  You will be able to purchase these calendars by about the first week of December. We also give a Contest Winner calendar to each dive store that donated prizes to the contest. Our Next meeting will be November 21st (early due to Thanksgiving). The program will be review of the 2020 budget, elections and video/talk about diving at Hornby Island Canada.