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Redondo dive report

posted Aug 26, 2013, 9:21 PM by Ed Gullekson
The weather was beautiful on Friday and Pieter and Ed had a great dive - in spite of some problems.  We dropped down the line and stopped at 55 feet as Pieter's jaw hurt (dental work leftover pain).  There we saw the first of multiple octopuses.  Three were GPO's around the shallow boat and the stand pipe and more were red octopuses.  Pieter got one going to where it was foraging for food and letting us just follow - until it met a rock crab that chased it.  Whar an interesting sight.  There were sailfin sculpin and grunt sculpin on the stand pipe also.  Ed could feel that he was getting wet and after 54 minutes we hit the surface.  Turned out not only was Ed wet, but his camera housing slightly leaked, not flooded.  I pulled the camera out and it is OK.  I will test out the housing on my next dive - sans camera.