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Redondo Dive Report

posted Sep 14, 2013, 9:55 AM by Ed Gullekson
Instead of sun we met a cloudy day at Redondo. Pieter and Ed were in the water by 4:30 and were the only divers there. On the first dive we went deep - 85 feet. Critter list include 3 species of rockfish, perch, painted greenlings, sculpins, 2 GPOs, 3 red octos and the wolf eel. Temp was about 55 and vis was 25 to 30 feet.

For the second dive we stayed shallow - 50 ft or less and went north. Critter list for #2 include 5 GPOs, 2 grunt sculpins, decorated warbonnet, mosshead warbonnet, many gunnels (2 that seemed to be dancing together) rockfish, perch and tubesnouts. Did I forget the frosted and hooded nudibranchs.

It was 2 great dives. The 2nd one ended as a night dive. Pieter and I will post photos on Facebook.