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Reid Harbor Expedition Report

posted Jul 23, 2013, 8:55 PM by Unknown user
The Reid Harbor expedition was small, yet to me was one of the best. The diving, the weather, the mix of people were all great. We had 7 divers and 3 boats, the smallest outing I remember. We still had more than we all could eat for the potluck. On Turn Point wall, the first dive, we had up to 30 feet vis. For the 2 dives we made at Johns Island I saw 3 PS king crabs on each dive - BIG ones. Rockfish were everywhere, lings were everywhere. Heart crab and golfball crabs were spotted along with candy striped shrimp. We ended at Bell Isle, on great structure on the west side of the island. Randy saw 3 tiger rockfish there. Great trip!
Both Randy and Pieter have posted videos on vimeo from this expedition.  Find them here:
I added some photos on the FB page at: