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Report of the annual UWPCC 2018

posted Nov 7, 2018, 10:28 AM by Editor SeaHorse

This year was exceptional for weather conditions during the event. Calm water and sky’s prevailed along with a light fog.
We would like to thank our sponsors: Sea Soft Scuba for providing samples of a few of their many great products. 
Our participants cashed in on zipper wax, defogger for masks, soap for washing dry/wet suits. 
Air cards provided by Evergreen Dive Service, Underwater Sports, Light House Dive, TLSea.

Marker Buoy dive club was represented by participants: Dominic, Joan, Kosta, Ashley and Jasmine.
A crowd gathered for the competition to cheer on the contestants. This was the year for newbies. Yes my friends, half of the contestants had never carved a pumpkin underwater. 
As expected some of them were better prepared than others and knew that pumpkins floated.

Dom did very well for his first UWPCC by getting the pumpkin underwater. His entry was a bat for which he was rewarded with Best off as pumpkin pie.
Joan swept the competition away with “Most Artistic” category using her entry Catfish.
Team Ashley and Jasmine took their time getting into the water and the swim out. This may have been Jasmine’s first time diving in Puget Sound. 
Their entry Whale Shark won the category of “Best use of Sea life”.

Kosta brought a medium sized pumpkin that kept him afloat. Pumpkin 1, Kosta 0. My expectations are that Kosta will have a harness and 20 pounds of weight for next year’s entry.
Kosta gave up after 10 minutes of struggling with the buoyant orange gourd.

Seahorse Dive club was represented by SHDC President Tom Kingsbury, aka self-titled “Galactic Overlord”. Tom and Gary Schnaith teamed up to carve “Vampire Pumpkin”. 
The crowd voted and they received “Biggest Pumpkin”. This was Tom’s first time at carving a pumpkin underwater. 
Brad Redmond brought back three small gourds and named his entry “School of Pumpkin fish”. Brad took “Cutest” hands down.
Long time participants: Randy Pedersen and Ed Gullekson, carved “Millennial Orca”. The crowd cheered loudly and they received prizes for “Scariest” pumpkin.

Shore support personal for the event: Andrea Naert and Dave Ballard of the Marker Buoy and Brian Heath SHDC.

Side notes
Yes, there were several people in just swimsuits swimming by. It isn’t a “Polar Bear” dip for these folks. Many of them swim in the water several times a month. 
Visibility was 25 feet.
Tide was in and about 4 steps up from the beach. This made the swim out much shorter.

Brian Heath