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Report on the 2013 Club Wine Dive at Edmonds on August 1st

posted Aug 2, 2013, 11:40 PM by David Wakeley

The annual club wine dive was held at the Edmonds Underwater Park on Thursday August 1st with cool and cloudy weather after being sunned out at Alki in West Seattle the week before.  Due to the cool weather, there was plenty of parking available for the few that showed up. 

As usual, Brian Heath did a great job of planting the treasure out in the water.  Brian put out 6 bottles of wine, 12 bottles of Henry Weinhard’s root beer, and ~30 soda tokens.  The “soda tokens” are 6 to 8 inch pieces of 1.25 inch diameter PCV pipe painted red and orange which could be exchanged for a can of soda after the dive. 

Boundary markers were the green buoy 220 feet NW of the jetty, jetty point, a line 100 feet east of the green buoy.  Good luck on finding those lines under water.  Brian took a heading from the green buoy to South and S+5 degrees and started placing root beers.  Brian did pop up a few times to make sure he was still within the boundaries.  A few of the “soda tokens were put in eel grass.  Most were stuck in the sand. Water depth at the time of the dive was between 14’ and 9 ‘’ 

Only three divers showed up to search for the wine, root beer and the new “soda tokens”.  Here are the results after the divers came out of the water:

Dave Wakeley:  2 bottles of wine, 2 root beers, and 11 soda tokens

Byron Kim:  2 bottles of wine, 2 root beers, and 6 soda tokens

Rocky Gamble:  4 root beers and 5 soda tokens

Byron named the tokens “King Crab Legs”.

Randy and LaRae Pedersen showed up watch the divers and visit.  Randy commented after the dive that by watching the bubbles he could see that we kept on swimming out of the area that Brian had specified. That happens with a flat bottom and nothing but sand and eel grass.

Looking at the results you can see that still missing were 2 bottles of wine, 4 root beers and a bunch of “crab legs”.  Good hunting for the remainder of the items!

You can redeem the ‘crab legs’ for soda from the club prior to the August 22nd Beer Dive. 

The morning after the dive, Randy called Brian and reported that he had found 1 wine bottle, 2 root beers, and 4 “crab legs”.  Location of Randy’s discoveries was the deep corner of jetty, just past the green buoy.  Still out there is 1 bottle of wine, two root beers, and a few PVC-soda tokens.

Please let Brian Heath know your preferred soda choices for the August 22nd Beer Dive. The current selection is:  Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, Sprite, cherry coke, vanilla coke.  The current requests are: Coke, diet coke, root beer.