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Results of the Photo and Video Contest

posted Nov 7, 2018, 10:25 AM by Ed Gullekson   [ updated Nov 7, 2018, 10:29 AM by Editor SeaHorse ]

Watch for announcement of 2019 calendars with contest winner photos, PacNW photos and Tropical photos.

Here are the results of the 2018 Photo & Video contest which was held on October 25th. Below are listed the categories with the winners name and their description of the winning photo or video:

Video - Randy Pedersen: My video, "Can You See Me?" is about how our local sea life can hide in plain sight. Except for the opening scene (Waves crashing on a Hawaiian beach) it was shot exclusively in Puget Sound and the San Juan islands.

Above Water Dive Related - Chris McKenna: "Waiting for Mantas". Taken 5/23/18 at 6:49 PM. We were going to dive with the Manta Ray's at night (I highly recommend this dive) and while we were moored and waiting I saw a beautiful sunset setting up. So I grabbed by camera, fins, and mask and dove in. I had to swim away from the boat a bit to make sure I could get the boat in frame along with the sun.

Cold Water Macro - Ed Gullekson: Multicolored dendrontid nudibranch - taken at Shaw Island in the San Juan Islands September 21, on a REEF Advanced Assessment Team survey. It was taken on the last day of the trip. These are common nudibranchs in the San Juan Islands.

Cold Water Wide Angle - Ken Engelmeyer: “Strange Bed Fellows” or “The Odd Couple” Cabazon on eggs with Lingcod sharing same rock pile. Photo taken at the Edmonds UWP December 10, 2017

Warm Water Macro - Ed Gullekson: Neon goby on coral - taken at Key Largo, FL, in June on a REEF Survey on the first dive of the trip. These are a common species and a few of them would let me get close enough to shoot macro photos.

Warm Water Wide Angle - Randy Pedersen: My photo, a lion fish from Tiger beach in the Bahamas was shot on the February 2013 trip there. It was shot in about 20fsw on a sandy bottom next to a very large stud link anchor chain that has been there for a very long time.

Novice - Chris McKenna: "Diver's at Hoovers Pinnacle" taken 5/19/18 at 9:19 AM. This was a reef dive and it was a photo in which I wanted to get a silhouette of a diver in that water. I was lucky to get 2 of them--one was a student and the other an instructor. It was a matter of turning around from my current position (after taking a photo of an eel or something).

Wolf Eels - Pieter Booth: "My photo of "scarface" the wolf eel was taken at Sund Rock last year on a club dive. It was on the North wall at about 50 fsw. Sund Rock is wolf eel rich and we usually see 6-12 individuals. This one has the most beat-up look of any I have seen in my many years of diving the PNW. Missing its left eye and hardly had any teeth.

Ken's photo of the “Strange Bed Fellows” (Cold Water Wide Angle) was chosen as the "Best in Show"

Thanks to all the winners for sending me the descriptions of their winning entries. My apologies for taking so long to make this post.

Thanks to the 23 members who voted after viewing all the pictures and videos entered in the contest. We will try to find a better venue for next year.

Dave Wakeley