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Scavenger hunt 2016, Lake Washington, Magnuson Park

posted Sep 26, 2016, 12:23 PM by Ed Gullekson
Scavenger hunt 2016, Lake Washington, Magnuson Park
Participants: Dave Wakeley, Ken and Deb Englemeyer, Brian Heath, Justin (New guy), Cliff Olmstead.
All of you know how great the weather was Saturday 24. No sunburns this time, but it was close.
We had plenty of parking at our dive site. A few boaters were out for chinook. 
I have several copies of the list for items to find still attached to the bailing wire. We all agreed that the rules included ability to add anything we found on the bottom to the list. And having dove here only a month ago it was a no brainer as to what we should expect to find. 
Dive leader gave the group a short briefing and told them they could have an hour in the water or down to 500 PSI which ever came first. 
Ken was the first up and unloaded his goody bag on the shore and went back for more. The rest of us had enough fun towing a full bag of bottles and cans while touring the flat silty bottom that has an occasional large boulder, trench crayfish den. 
Yes, the north end of lake Washington seems to be a desert, unless you’re trying to save the world by picking up other people’s trash. 
Cliff Olmstead was granted “Most Interesting Find” category for the RC helicopter. (As dive leader I get to have fun making up names for categories.)
Dave Wakeley won the “Most Balls” category. Dave came back with 68. Ken and Deb came in a close second with 60. 
Ken and Deb would win the “Most Items” prize with a quantity of 117 items. Dave came back with 100 items, that we counted, all by himself. 
If there was a prize for Most Cans and one for Most Glass Ware, then it would go to the team of Justin and Brian. 33 cans, 17 bottles. Deb and Ken came in second place with 19 cans and 15 bottles. Those goodie bags are pretty heavy lugging around ½ case of beer bottles, and a real drag literally. I’ve been doing it for years at each beer dive and wine dive. 
We did find some vintage aluminum cans of the pull tab type. I remember we used to make chains with the pull tabs from soda cans in my youth and that’s how we ended up with scars on our finger tips. I believe some of you may have drank beer with pull tabs. A couple of cans were showing serious signs of corrosion. 
It was near the end of lunch when we were talking about a few environmental awareness groups and bragging about saving the world by cleaning up the lake. Then the words were pulled right out our club President’s mouth (paraphrasing) ‘we had fun saving the world’ received the honor for quote of the meeting.
Thanks to Brian Heath for organizing another fun diving activity.