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Summer dive event reports

posted Aug 22, 2014, 3:47 PM by Ed Gullekson

Wine Dive: July 24 

We had a great turnout at the Alki Pipeline.  The weather was sunny, parking was available for all participants and there was a high tide to make it a long swim for all divers.  Several teams used some of the extra time to check out the deeper section of the pipeline. 

Visibility was better than 15 feet.  

Score card: Ed Gullekson: 4 wine, 12 soda markers; Dave Wakeley: one wine, 2 soda markers; Dave and Emma Luton found two sodas; Byron swam way out past the end of the pipeline and west for a great swim; Ken and John Englemeyer found two sodas. 

Dave and Ed are still waiting for Brian to deliver the wine he left at home. 


Beer Dive August 21st

I would like to thank all the people that showed up for the event.  It was truly a memorable experience. 

Vis was down to about 5 feet with a few breaks to 10 feet. 

Byron scored half of the beers.  Way to go Dude!

We left 3 IPA red-hook beers and four VPC pieces.  You can redeem the PVC for sodas at the next meeting.  Good luck finding the beer if it’s been more than a week. 

Treasure map for beer & PVC:  Start at the End of the Jetty underwater and make a box going west for 40 ft. Then Turn North and go for about 150 feet.  Then, East for about 150 feet and back toward the Jetty.   Brian made two and a half passes. 

You may only need half a tank at high tide or just snorkel at low tide to search the area.  None were put in the deep eel grass but it doesn’t mean the wave action pushed them into the eel grass.  Happy hunting. 


Brian Heath