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posted Aug 20, 2013, 9:01 PM by Unknown user
At the Exec Board meeting this month we were looking at how the multiple web sites that we have were being used.  Since we switched to the Google web site last January we have discovered that this site is ok for some things but kind of klunky for other things.  So we want to take advantage of having 2 other sites.  From now on we will focus more on the Facebook site that we have.  Oh, I know that some of you are not Facebookers.  Well many of us are not, however it is an easy to use web site and you do not have to do anything else on FB to look at our FB site, just sign up.  The link is on the list of links for this site (look in the menu on the left, click links, scroll down the list).  You will have to request entry as it is a closed group.  Someone who is already in will let you in.
The plan is to post upcoming dives and post write-ups and photos there too.  We will also keep the calendar on the Google site too.  So go click the link, sign up for FB and we  will keep building the FB presence.  There are already 33 members on the site (as of today).
If you are wondering what the 3rd site is that we have, look on InSite inside the Boeing firewall.  We have a group there too.