The SeaHorse Dive Club is home to a number of talented photographers and videographers. They travel the world, and the waters right here in our own backyard, and bring back stunning pictures and video of their adventures. Members can view their work on our SeaHorse Dive Club Facebook Page.

SeaHorse Facebook Page
Note: This is a private group, so you'll need to join to see all the good stuff...

Randy Glenn Memorial Photo, Video, and Art Contest
Every year the club holds the Randy Glenn Memorial Photo, Video and Art Contest, where members get to display their best photographic efforts and compete for fabulous prizes. The contest is open to all members and happens in the fall. Winners are selected by a vote of the people.

New to this underwater photography thing? You can still enter the Novice category

SeaHorse Dive Club Calendars

SeaHorse Dive Club Calendars  SeaHorse Club Calendars  
SeaHorse Dive Club Calendars

And every year, around the holidays, the club offers calendars for sale on the SeaHorse Store on Cafe Press featuring photography from our members. There are 3 calendars to choose from: Northwest Diving Calendar, Tropical Diving Calendar and Randy Glenn Contest Calendar, featuring winners and honorable mention entries in the club photo contest.

BTW, you don't have to wait for the holidays, you can order the calendars anytime and choose your starting month.